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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jackie O. Style, Part Three: The Trench Coat

Hey guys! Today I'm back with the third installment of "Jackie O. Style" So far we've covered two must-have accessories (sunnies and pearls - see below for the links), and this post we'll be dealing with outerwear. The trench coat has been known for many years as the epitome of chic, and it really is. Throw it on over a party dress, you look fab. Wear one with jeans, ballet flats, and a tee - you look flawless. Not to mention the weather-proofing virtues of one of these posh little puppies. For the most wearability (not an actual word, I know), invest in the quintessential beige. I selected almost nothing but coats in this classic shade, but several have their own special embellishments and cuts. However, there are plenty of trenches available in sassy colors and prints (green? pink? yellow? leopard?) and other neutrals (black? navy blue, anyone?) to please literally everybody.

Jackie O. Style, Part Three: The Trench Coat

Hope you've enjoyed reading, and hope you all can find room in your closet for this true essential!


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