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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spittin' Image: Ankle Boots

ankle booties

Hi everybody! This week I decided to do an installment of Spittin' Image. The Acne Pistol Booties (pictured far right) have been "hot" for a while now, thanks to their simple, streamlined design that goes with anything. This is pretty much as basic as booties get and that's why fashionistas and starlets everywhere seem to like them so much. Although I'm sure the Acne booties are of exceptional quality (they look great even on the internet), I thought it would be useful to find some lower-priced alternatives, since not everybody wants to spend $570 on a single pair of boots.  The boots on the far left ring in at $50, and are by Sam & Libby. They're suede, unlike the Acne pair pictured here, but the Pistol booties come in a fairly wide variety of material and color combos (I've only ever seen neutrals). The booties in the middle are by Nordstrom's BP line, and have a stacked heel and gold accents I think are quite pretty. I also found a Steve Madden pair for $100 that replicates the stitching on the Pistols, but when I placed them next to the other pairs in the collage it seemed as if they didn't photograph as well as their counterparts, and looked a little "off" (however, they do look look nice on the website). On Black Friday, the Lucky Brand Parlei booties, which are fairly similar, were one of my only purchases. I'm very happy with them and have been wearing them quite a lot. They're currently for sale at a discount on Zappos, so go ahead and check them out!

Hope you all have been having a lovely week!
Katherine Nicole

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  1. Love the Acne boots although I definitely can't afford that but the other ones are just as cute :)

    1. Thanks, Joyce! I agree, the Acne's are my favorite. Thankfully there are plenty of similar pairs out there!

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    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your follow, thanks for the compliments!