"You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you." - Song of Solomon 4:7

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Touch of Pink

A touch of pink

Holmes Yang cap sleeve blouse, $715
The Row blazer, $1,890
Planet straight leg pants, £69
Vince Camuto black pumps, $118
Armani Jeans bowler handbag, £130
Mulberry engraved jewelry, $320

Navy blue is a great neutral to wear and very fun to work with. I really like sharp tailoring, and this look delivers that with a very feminine and fashion-forward twist. This beautiful top adds a great pop of color to the suit, keeping it from appearing too boring or serious. Tie-neck blouses add a gorgeous ounce of girliness to any outfit and work with a number of things. This top is from Katie Holmes' line Holmes & Yang, which I've recently been very impressed with. Gold is the perfect tone to compliment navy blue with, and classic bangles are a sophisticated embellishment. Finally,  don't be afraid to mix navy blue and black! A lot of people say it's a fashion no-no, but I believe there are many ways to do this color combination right. My method behind this outfit was to keep the black to the accessories and the blue to the parts of the suit. Keeping the purse and shoes both patent was also a way of bringing unity to them.

Hope you all have had a great Thanksgiving week!


  1. That's a good tip about purse and shoes both patent. I didn't think about that before :) This outfit is so work chic and pretty. I love the color pink added in.