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Friday, May 13, 2011

Presenting...Penny Chic

Hey all! This time I wanted to do something a little different and dedicate a post to a certain blog I have really been liking recently. The blog is titled Penny Chic, and it is so amazing. The whole idea behind Penny Chic is "putting Wal-Mart on a fashion pedestal" - and it's executed brilliantly (you can get an idea by viewing the video above.) Using only clothes and accessories from Wal-Mart, Shauna Miller, the founder (who has a great professional background in the fashion industry), styles looks that are fashionable and relevant. Being a bargainista myself, I understand the thrill of creating something fabulous for under a certain budget. Penny Chic is not only about that, however. It really is great to see a project like this empowering women everywhere to not be ashamed of appreciating a great deal. Most recently the blog has begun featuring looks for men, and Shauna's first male model was a friend of hers with some astounding styling credentials himself. SO fab!

Appreciate the chic,

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