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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Candy Apple Confections

This winter, my friends and I decided to have a little gift exchange. Now, I really like giving gifts. I like to think that I'm a good gift giver - for girls at least. I had already picked up a couple of things for her, but I knew that my gift for my friend wouldn't be complete without some sort of tasty little treat for her. Well, the night before I had to give her the gift (just a few days ago), I headed over to a place that I know sells really cute candies and things like that and found her...a Mrs. Prindable's caramel apple!
   If you've never heard of Mrs. Prindable's then you won't understand the significance of this statement. Mrs. Prindable's caramel apples, and all of her treats, are absolutely amazing. They're super tasty, super popular, and super gorgeous. Needless to say, my present was a HUGE hit, namely because of that caramel, chocolatey, apple! You can order Mrs. Prindable's apples and other things online at www.mrsprindables.com for almost any occasion. They even have an apple-a-month program where, for a standard fee, they'll ship you or a loved one an apple a month for six or twelve months. YUMMY!
So go ahead and check out all that Mrs. Prindable's has to offer, and treat yourself or your family and friends to these delectable handmade sweets.

Happy tasting,
Kate :)

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